membersdb is a
program built
for you!

membersdb has been designed for organisations that deal with membership records.

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So Simple.
So Powerful.

A program that makes your life easier and gives you the power to do things ‘your way’.

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membersdb simplifies your life!

A program to make it simple to communicate with members, collect subscriptions, analyse data, do your reporting and store all documents.

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At last, a product flexible enough to let you do things ‘your way’!
Microsoft technology brings a flexible and bullet proof solution for membership organisations.

Latest News

Total Support

No need to raise a support ticket, pick up the phone and talk to us.

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Cloud Based Database

memersdb users can now have their database hosted by a ‘Cloud Server’ and can now get to their data from any PC in the world with Internet Access.

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Automatic Backup

Data is automatically backed up for you, no need to worry!

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Total Scalability

membersdb can be used from the smallest organisation to a multi-site corporate organisation. Both will get a fast responsive program.

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Ask and you'll get

Ask us for what you want,
we'll give you an answer
we think you’ll like!

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About Us

Our programmers at Baker Heath Associates (BHA) have been writing software for a long time, since 1990 to be exact, that’s when our company was incorporated.

We have also been giving support since that time. There are some things we promise, BHA will not charge you until you are happy with our product and when you need our help we will be there for you. You can call us as much as you want and we will gladly give you the help you want. Nearly always we provide remote support so we can work with you on your PC over an Internet connection.

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