Why membersdb


It's So Simple

membersdb has a very shallow learning curve, once you understand the basics you can use it all!


It's So Powerful

You can save any sort of data! There is no limit to the type of information you can keep and the ways you can analyse it.


It's So Inexpensive

membersdb is a package that can behave like a bespoke program written for your individual needs. You pay a package price and not a bespoke program price.


Full Support

We will give you support when you need it, we encourage our clients to call us and discuss the way that they want to use and change the product to suit their own needs.

Our history

Baker Heath Associates (BHA) have been developing computer software since 1990.

We started out life as bespoke programmers writing one off programs for companies with special requirements. Later we realised that nearly all companies have their own unique needs, we also realised that when we wrote bespoke management software a lot of what we did was repeated. By 2001 we had finished developing a product flexible enough to cover the specific needs of companies like yours and not require re-programming by us. We have used this sort of technology to successfully develop systems to target the requirements of different broad types of businesses.

Today we are working as developers of the latest Microsoft products that are powerful, future proof and rugged. Our main concern is to keep our clients happy because we do not charge ‘up front’ but charge monthly fees for our products and services. The onus is therefore squarely on us to keep customers happy. We are also willing to do a lot of unpaid work in order to move people onto our products with the firm belief that once they start using it they will not wish to leave us!

Our Other Customers

Colleges and Universities

We have supplied booking systems into a large number of UK colleges and universities. In Oxford and Cambridge alone 21 colleges use our product.

The Health Service

BHA has supplied a product to nearly 400 NHS and private practices over the UK. We have supported these organisations for over 10 years.

Other Organisations

Large and small organisations have used BHA software products, from Mortgage brokers and small charities to the Ministry Of Defence and the Visitors Centre Belfast!