Pricing Information

No payment required!

Our policy is not to charge anything until you are satisfied that membersdb is going to do what you expected it to do, if for any reason you are not happy then no payment is required. Just appoint someone from your company to head the project implementation with us.

Hosting the database

When you use membersdb for real we can host the data on a cloud based ‘Microsoft SQL Server’. There is a charge of £10+VAT per month for this. (Large organisations may need to pay more for extra processing power in the server).

License and support charges

This depends on the number of PCs that need simultaneous access to the data. Costing is £39+VAT for the first PC and £18+VAT per month for additional PCs. The cost includes the license, updates to software and technical support. Organisations with 6 or more PCs requiring simultaneous access please ask for quotation.

Other programs

With complex requirements not covered by the functionality of membersdb you may require additional software. Examples might include things like interfacing to your website or doing specialist Gift Aid returns. We often include these free of charge if someone else might want the same thing in the future.

Featured News

Using a 'Cloud Database'

You don’t have to use a cloud database but there are terrific advantages; Experts look after it so it’s very resilient, you can use it from anywhere and it can be backed up for you.

Backing Up

When we put in membersdb we ensure that you know from the start how to take care of it. We check out the method you will be using to backup or we will provide a backup for you. All you need to do then is check your emails on a daily basis to make sure the backup succeeded.

Remote Support

When you need help you will obtain it from a programmer directly. They will, with your permission, access your PC over the Internet whilst talking with you on the phone. That way misunderstandings get eliminated and both you and the programmer can see your screen and work your keyboard and mouse.